Visiting Filippa Montan in Denmark | HorseDay Vlog

Ásta Björk Friðjónsdóttir
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At Them In Denmark, Filippa Montan resides and operates her business centered around the Icelandic horse. Our team visited Filippa and received a warm welcome - check out the video below!

Filippa works as a riding instructor and trainer but primarily focuses on the rehabilitation and retraining of horses after injuries or better known as equine pre/rehab. As a trained Equiopath, Filippa possesses extensive knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, osteology, rehabilitation and biomechanics of horses. She utilizes this knowledge to massage, train, rehabilitate and build up horses. At Them, she has excellent facilities and equipment, including e.g. water treadmills, to support such treatments. 

"Filippa took us on a tour through the stable area, which is large and very beautiful, and told us about how she has rebuilt it over the years. We sat down and introduced her to the latest version of HorseDay and how using HorseDay could benefit her in her work to manage treatments for clients and also keep track of her own training. It is essential for us to talk to external parties and get opinions and ideas on how we can best serve our users. Filippa lives and breathes in the world of Icelandic horses but from a different perspective than most, considering her education and rehabilitation work. Therefore, it was interesting to hear her thoughts on our work so far at HorseDay." - Oddur Ólafsson, CEO of HorseDay.