About us

We at HorseDay are equestrians, we are experienced in horse keeping on a broad basis.
We are familiar with horse breeding, training horses, competing in sport and showing breeding horses, buying and selling horses and more or less everything related to horse keeping in the Icelandic horse world.

HorseDay is supposed to be a community where activities with horses are held, people can find knowledge and useful information and people exchange opinions.

Our intention is that HorseDay will be useful tool to all equestrians and those who are interested in horses.
We intend to lead the digital journey of managing everything related to horse management.

HorseDay - About Us

The idea for the HorseDay project arose many years ago. Then we ran a comprehensive horse farm in Iceland. There we trained our own horses and the horses of  customers. Customers spanned the entire spectrum of equestrians, from large breeders and professionals to the general hobbyist who wanted to take care of their horse to the best of their ability. In a constant search for greater efficiency and better results from work with horses and communication with horse owners, the idea of ​​HorseDay was born

We've come a long way since the beginning and are super excited to share HorseDay with you and everyone else in the world of the Icelandic horse. HorseDay is the first equestrian app that is specifically tailored to the Icelandic horse and its community. With the aim to make HorseDay the best it can be, we're constantly developing and improving HorseDay.

We want to create something that benefits you and everyone else in the world of the Icelandic Horse, whatever your role might be. To achieve this goal, your feedback, thoughts and ideas are key and highly appreciated!

So, let us know and reach out to us at horseday@horseday.is or on Instagram and take part in the development of HorseDay

Meet the Staff

Oddur Ólafsson
Founder - CEO
+354 844 3272
Ólafur H. Einarsson
Founder - Product development
+354 896 8709
Haraldur Bjarni Davíðsson
Lead Developer
Ásta Björk Friðjónsdóttir
Customer Support Manager
+354 693 6264
Bjarki Steinar Viðarsson
UI/UX Designer and Developer
Christina Mai
Project & Sales Manager