Never miss a beat at Landsmót with HorseDay!

Ásta Björk Friðjónsdóttir
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HorseDay will be by your side at Landsmót Hestamanna 2024

Landsmót will take place in Reykjavík July 1st til 7th and our app is set to revolutionize your experience at this great tournament! With real-time updates on competitions and breeding assessments, we ensure you stay informed and engaged throughout the event.

HorseDay's user-friendly interface makes it easy to access the program, starting lists, and live results, whether you're at the track or following remotely. Subscribers can track competition classes and breeding shows with live notifications on updates and results.

Dive deeper into the action with exclusive score histories that detail the development of horses and riders in specific classes. Our app also provides unique insights into judging, featuring strike-outs, deviations, and ranking comparisons, giving riders and spectators a clearer understanding of the judging process.

Connected with Worldfengur, HoreDay allows spectators to search for horses and access detailed information, including pedigree, competition results, and breeding marks, all in real time.

The new Silver subscription is designed to maximize your Landsmót experience, ensuring you never miss a single moment of this prestigious event!

Download HorseDay and stay connected with every beat of Landsmót.