IceHorse Festival recap with HorseDay

Caya Aline Edenhofner
min read
Experience the excitement, skill, and joy of the incredible IceHorse Festival 2023. Join us on this throwback journey, reliving intense competitions, skilled riders, and a vibrant atmosphere. Click play now and let the magic unfold!

In this special throwback video, we take you back to the incredible IceHorse Festival 2023 in Herning. Join us as we relive the excitement, competition, and joy that filled the air during this remarkable equestrian event.

Witness the intense competitions that had us on the edge of our seats, as skilled riders and horses showcased their talents in thrilling competitions. From T1 to Fivegait over to the stallion breeding show, the IceHorse Festival offered it all.

But the IceHorse Festival was more than just a showcase of talent. Our Horseday App booth was a bustling hub of activity, where we had the pleasure of connecting with fellow Icelandic equestrians, sharing our app's features, and spreading our love for all things horse-related. The festival provided us with an incredible platform to engage with the Icelandic horse community and form lasting connections.

As you watch this throwback video, you'll see the smiles on our faces and the joy in our hearts. We were honored to be a part of this extraordinary equestrian event, and the memories we made will be cherished for a lifetime.