HorseDay's visit to Nils Christian Larsen!

Ásta Björk Friðjónsdóttir
min read
Join us on our exciting trip to Germany and Denmark as we embarked on a quest to visit the charming Nils Christian Larsen at Kronholt. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted with warmth and hospitality that made us feel right at home. Nils, with his quick wit and lively stories, kept us entertained throughout our visit. His jokes had us in stitches, and we couldn't help but think that meeting him alone was reason enough for the trip.

But our purpose went beyond laughter and enjoyment. At HorseDay, we are passionate about creating a tool that caters to all equestrians, making horse management a breeze. So, we delved into Nils's horsemanship activities to understand the demands and needs of horse enthusiasts like him.

Nils's days are filled with training, breeding, and selling horses. The dedication and hard work involved in these activities are impressive, but it also means there's a lot of organizing and record-keeping. Nils shared his elaborate system of sheets and lists for everything, from training sessions to shoeing, vet visits, and more.

At HorseDay, we've already developed features that simplify daily activities like training, shoeing, and vet visits, all in one place, ensuring crucial information follows the horse throughout its life. But we didn't stop there! Inspired by Nils's insights, we're now brainstorming ways to assist breeders with managing stallions and mares, knowing how much work and dedication go into their care.

The journey was truly enlightening, and we captured some fantastic moments on video. Check it out to get a glimpse of the adventure and the reflections from our time with Nils Christian Larsen. Fun, learning, and horse love await you!