HorseDay Landsmót offer

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Enjoy 20% Off on HorseDay Subscriptions During Landsmót!

Experience Landsmót at its finest with a special 20% discount on our Premium and Silver annual subscriptions, available until July 7th.

Why Choose Silver? The Silver subscription is your perfect companion for attending Landsmót, providing access to all exclusive competition features. While the free version offers live results and event information, Silver subscribers enjoy:

  • Live notifications
  • Detailed score histories
  • Insights into judging
  • Unlimited browsing on Worldfengur

Upgrade to Premium Premium members receive the ultimate benefits, including comprehensive training analysis with gait analysis, elevating your training and horse care to the next level.

Redeem Your Discount Use code LM2024 at checkout on to claim your discount on both subscriptions.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your Landsmót experience with HorseDay, no matter where you are!