A Spectacular Season at HorseDay Höllin

Ásta Björk Friðjónsdóttir
min read
Experience electrifying equestrian events at HorseDay Höllin á Ingólfshvoli. As the primary sponsor for the next three years, HorseDay and Ingólfshvoll Equestrian Center bring you thrilling competitions and a captivating atmosphere. Watch our video excerpt for a glimpse of the excitement. Join us for an amazing season!

During the recent winter, the world of equestrian sports was abuzz with exciting events, providing a much-needed respite for horse enthusiasts following the fall season. In a thrilling development, the equestrian center Ingólfshvoll and HorseDay ehf. announced a collaborative agreement, making HorseDay the primary sponsor of activities at the location for the next three years. As a result, the prestigious riding hall has been renamed to “HorseDay Höllin á Ingólfshvoli”.

The HorseDay hall played host to a multitude of remarkable events throughout the winter, with the Youth Champions League, the Stallion show (Stóðhestaveislan) and Breeding (Ræktun), and the extensive Lífland Champions League in equestrian sports (Meistaradeild Líflands) taking center stage. Except for the 150m and 250m events, the championships were entirely held at HorseDay Höllin this year, consolidating the previously scattered regional competitions. The atmosphere throughout these events was truly electrifying, as Ingólfshvol's excellent facilities catered to both spectators and competitors alike. Notably, the riding area was thoughtfully adjusted, allowing for indoor warm-ups, enhancing the overall experience.

During the five gait competition of the Champions League, we captured the vibrant evenings on camera and have compiled a captivating video excerpt that showcases the thrilling atmosphere from various angles.

Thank you all for an amazing season and we can’t wait to see you next season!